Sunday, September 03, 2006

Al Qaeda Video

I personally have not observed the Al Qaeda video, but I basically get the message. Any group that imposes their will on other people is not a group that follow God's way. For God gives us the freedom to choose.

I think the message will probably anger Americans and strengthen their resolve to fight.

But let me say this ...

The spirit of Christ is in each of you
And with it is the ability to heal
Let that spirit flows out now
As you touch people, heal them
Let that spirit flows out to the universe
Heal the universe
Have faith in yourself
Love is that healing energy

You can choose to live in fear
You can choose to live in anger
Or you can choose to live with love
And heal those around you

May you choose the latter choice
And experience the power within you

For those who are on the battlefields
I feel sad that our leaders cannot find a peaceful way to get out of this
You must respond to the situations around you
Nobody can make judgment on you
May you come home in one piece
May you heal over your wartime trauma quickly


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