Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Nuclear Test

By now, most of the world is aware that North Korea has tested its nuclear capability.

Because testing nuclear weapon is perceived as a threat to the world, many countries have come together to condemn North Korea and want to impose sanctions on it.

I am not condoning North Korea's action, however, I think it is unwise for the world to 'gang' up on North Korea like this. Didn't North Korea want bilateral talk with the United States before? It might be persuaded to suspend its testing if the US lift its sanction. Wasn't that what it was asking? The United States wanted to play 'hardball', refusing bilateral talk.

Of course, this is in the past. The point is there was many opportunties that arise where 'peace' could come. With Afghanistan. With Osama bin Laden. With Iran. With Iraq. With North Korea. The United States closed the door on these windows, refusing to talk to these parties, and insists on playing 'tough'.

Isn't it time for the world to heal? What would happen if we lift sanctions for North Korea? What happen if we stop isolating them and pull them into the 'world's family'? By opening the door, we can check what is going on with them and avert potential threats. By opening the door, we can help their people, which I understand, is very poor. By opening the door, we can make peace and avert the crisis at hand. By opening the door, we can demonstrate our good will.

We can do the same thing with Iran. Make peace with them. Iran is also another country that will go nuclear. We suspect that they use their technology for nuclear weapons, although they deny it. Didn't we suspect that Saddam has WMD, although he denied it, and we went to war? I hope we learned that lesson. Don't let fear and hate blind us. Didn't Iran offer to open its door for inspection?


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