Saturday, September 30, 2006

Imposing Democracy

I heard many commentators on the radio agree with George Bush, that they think Democracy is a solution for the 'terrorist' problem. They think George Bush got the problem right but he just got the strategy wrong.

I am here to challenge George Bush's ideas. Don't follow him like sheeps. Congress followed him like sheeps and we have Iraq War. Congress followed him like sheeps and we have this Military Tribunals, where it's for George Bush to determine what is torture, and detainees have no opportunity to challenge George Bush's decision.

George Bush is the president or commander-in-chief, although that can be challenged in certain circles, who are still hung up on Gore vs Bush election. In this, it just means he was given the opportunity to play that role. With a track record with George Bush's decision, which I think is poor, Congress failed to thwart his power to do damage. On the contrary, Congress is giving him more power to do damage. America may win this 'war', which I seriously doubt if it is fought in this way, but America plays 'dirty', and it will gain no respect from the world, and worse, it may make situation worse for future generations, the opposite of what George Bush intends.

Now, I don't think George Bush is a 'bad' person. I think that he truly cares and he does have a vision for a better world and he is 'fighting' to realize that world. He is raised up in America, a powerful and wealthy nation, where many of the past solutions have been solved by 'force' or by 'money', both of which America has plenty to use, to get what America wants.

Democracy may or may not be good for Iraq. It's an experiment of ideas of how to govern a country. If Iraqis internally decide it's democracy that they want to experiment with, that's fine. But America should not impose democracy on Iraqis, or to any other country. It's up to the country to decide which form of government they want to experiment with.

What America should do is remind other leaders that as leaders, they should do their best to care for the welfare of their people, after all, that is the role of leader. However, George Bush cannot say this because George Bush doesn't do a good job of fulfilling this task as a leader.

In the eyes of the world, George Bush has little credibility left. Only in the eyes of Congress does he seems to be 'credible'. The White House had demonstrated its blindness. Congress has just now demonstrated its blindness. Both of them devise a strategy to tie the hands of the Court. They want to 'win' at all costs.

If there is townhall meeting with your leaders in your community, you should attend them. You should confront your leaders with these issues, and keep an eye on them. They suppose to represent you. This is a democracy. However, democracy only works if its citizens participate in it. In fact, I am going to one, now. :)


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