Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN U-Tube Democratic Debate

I have observed the U-Tube Democratic Debate. It certainly is more interesting to watch than the regular Democratic Debate.

Of all the candidates, I think Barack Obama is the most inspiring. I would like to see Gore in there, but I think he's out because he doesn't have the blood for politics. Hillary may be experienced but she looks tired. If the country wants change, Barack Obama is probably the best candidate. He expressed some of the most healing rhetoric that the country needs to hear. This country needs the heal, and I think Barack Obama is the person. His rhetoric moves people. Edwards has some passion within him as well, but there's anger within him.

Obama's quick answer that he will talk to leaders of neighboring countries without preconditions versus Clinton's hesitancy to talk to other leaders because she is afraid of being used as propaganda speak volumes about the difference between them.

They are all good candidates however, offering their talents to serve the country.

I wait to see how Americans will decide.


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