Tuesday, July 31, 2007

US Decision to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Can it get any worse? The United States just decided to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. While it would criticizes anyone who sell arms to other countries, now as a country, it decides to sell arms to other countries. It sees the faults of others, but it doesn't see its own.

I guess the United States do not know how to bring peace. The strategy that comes closest to their mind is let others arm themselves so they can protect themselves. Its founding principle - its citizens have the right to bear arms.

And when violence erupted, it complains. The weapons that they have probably come from the United States. If you want peace, you do not give arms to others. They might use it to harm others, and they might use it to harm you one day. You want to limit weapons, not spreading weapons. Haven't we see enough what damages weapons can do to people? Why are we providing weapons for them to do more damages? The rationale behind it is probably - they do damages, but they do damages to the 'other', and that's okay, we want the 'other' to be damaged. We want to be rid of the 'other'. Probably the same sentiments the 'other' have for us.

We are one family, seeing our brothers and sisters getting upset and devising ways to kill one another.


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