Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barack Obama and Pastor Wright

I have watched clips of Pastor Wright controversial sermons, and how Barack Obama handled the issue.

I am glad to see how senator Barack Obama handled the issue. He gave a very good speech, explaining the issues. Being the offspring of a 'White' and a 'Black', he can see both sides. How he pointed out he disagrees with certain views of Pastor Wright and yet does not 'denounce and reject' the pastor, pointing out the pastor is like a family to him.

Many says that unlike a family where one cannot choose, a pastor or a church is something one can choose - to walk out. I think Obama found out about God from the pastor, just as I found out about God through going to a Catholic Church. But then, we each have to find our own God, someone that we can make direct connection w/ and not someone external to us - and I think Obama has made that connection, and once you make that connection, everyone is your family, and you shouldn't 'reject and denounce' them. It wouldn't be helpful. That's why Obama speaks often of looking out for your brothers and sisters - it's not only from the scriptures, but it's something he feels as well. If he is willing to speak to 'adversaries', this could also be the underlying reason. Obama has a big heart and he seeks to heal.

Many are afraid of his connection to Wright and how Wright's thinking affect him, but if you listen to him, do you hear any of that? No. He seeks to bring the country together. He seeks to heal. Why does he stay there? Some says it's political, but it could be that he sees the need is there, after all, when one embodies the spirit of Christ, one goes to troubled areas and serve.

By reading the blogs around the country, this is a divisive country. Freedom of speech can be a great thing, but it's unfortunate to see the freedom of speech used here to tear people down, and this is the message that Obama is trying to deliver.

Best Wishes to you, Barack Obama. Stay strong.


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