Friday, September 28, 2007

Use Your Will to Help the Monks

I saw the demonstration of the monks in Myanmar. I am not sure what is the issue. Perhaps it's one of the people being locked up for speaking out. I hear of similar issues in Vietnam.

The people in power view these demonstrations as a threat, and thus, they did what they did. So what can we do from a distance?

I am not someone who demonstrate. But these monks risks their lives to deliver a message, just as Christ risks his life to deliver a message.

Use your will - give a command - 'No harm shall come to them', and see what emerges. Don't be obsessed with it. Give a command then go about your business. Give a command as if you are a master, not because you are angry.

I used the same command when I saw the Christian Korean were captured by the Taliban. I am sure a lot of people prayed for them, and I simply add my energy to it.

This is a chaotic time, but it is also a time to give you the opportunity to find yourself and discover your power.

I am thinking of God speaking of advanced societies can control their weather, which we think are Mother Nature and we have no control over. Let this be the time to discover your power, bring peace, and save Mother Earth.


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