Sunday, October 07, 2007

Serve God out of Love

I hear many people say - if there's no punishment from God, why would people be 'good'? It's because of the fear of being punished by God, that people stays 'good'. It seems we create the laws for the same purpose. Threaten people with punishment to get them to stay on the 'good' path.

Seek to serve God out of Love and not out of Fear. Decisions that are made based on Love in general yields positive results, while decisions that are made based on Fear in general yields negative results. The Bible did a good job of putting this Fear in us. It took decades for me to get it out.

My door has been knocked. I see a movement of people coming out, seeking to serve God in a positive way, bringing Love and not Terror to people's lives. I too will serve God in my own way, bringing healing to the world, with whatever power I have - because I love Him and not because I fear Him.

You are energy. The next time when you hear news of impending storm that has the capability to hurt many people, imagine yourself as a shield, protecting them from harm. As a physical entity, your body cannot move there, but other aspects of you can move ... even through 'time'.

Whether you believe in God or not is not important. Let Love for your fellow man guides your way.


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