Saturday, October 08, 2005

God is everywhere. This is the Garden of Eden.

I grew up requiring direct proof that God exist for me to believe, and now, I see Him everywhere. This is the 'Garden of Eden'.

I had many issues with God. One in particular is the 'Noah Ark' story, where God have this flood to destroy the 'bad' people. I usually say to God that He has set a bad example. I say now, people have an excuse to destroy people who they consider 'bad'. I also give Him the benefit of a doubt ... this is what the Bible say, of course, I don't know the 'real' you.

I also have an issue with the story of Abraham's requiring to sacrifice his son to show his faith to God. I usually say to God, if it's me, I would not sacrifice my son to show my faith to Him.

I also have an issue that if people don't believe in Him, they go to Hell. What kind of a God is He? He created them, and if He doesn't like them, He send them to Hell. Doesn't sound like a 'good' God to me, and even if there is such a God, I am not sure if I want to follow Him.

Then comes Jesus Christ. Christ is such a good person, and if Christ is like this, and He is the son of God, how come God is like that? It doesn't make any sense.

Then comes my next revelevation. From a textbook - 'How to become a Buddha'. In that text, Buddha also says, God, the creator, is full of love.

I have said a lot of things that offended Him. We have broken His commandments 'Thou shall not kill' as we are having this war. Yet, does He do anything to us ... No.

Not only that, I was awarded with the experience with a Buddha in my body. That is one experience that is profound, one that I cannot forget and cannot deny, although I cannot explain it.

But perhaps it's in science that gives me the direct proof, for the physical world as we see it everyday is really impossible, considering the nature of atoms and molecules and their tendencies. What holds us together remains an enigma. I give this credit to God. So, now God is everywhere, and this is the Garden of Eden to me. It is disheartening to see it turns into such a state. For those who love God, I see it as our role to turn this into a beautiful Garden again.

As physical beings, we are distinct from one another. However, as spiritual beings, we are all connected to one another, along with God. Jesus Christ recognized this and has the courage to come forward, and share this with us.

It is interesting that we are having this war to save something that doesnt' last - this physical form of existence. As spiritual beings, like Him, we never die.


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