Saturday, November 12, 2005

'God' on the United States

Here is another excerpt from the same book - Conversation from God, that I thought is interesting to share with you. Here is what 'God' has to say about the United States.

The Earth nation you call the United States, for example, has long thought itself to be a nation 'under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.' It is not a coincidence that this nation rose to become the most prosperous nation on Earth. It is also not surprising that this nation is gradually losing all that it has worked so hard to create - for this nation seems to have lost its vision.

The terms 'under God, indivisible' meant just that - they expressed the Universal truth of Unity; Oneness: a Matrix very difficult to destroy. But the Matrix has been weakened. Religious freedom has become religious rightness bordering on religious intolerance. Individual freedom has all but vanished as individual responsibility has disappeared.

The notion of individual responsibility has been distorted to mean 'every man for himself'. This is the new philosophy that imagines itself to be harkening back to the Early American tradition of rugged individualism.

But the original sense of individual responsibility upon which the American vision and the American dream was based found its deepest meaning and its highest expression in the concept of Brotherly Love.

What made America great was not that every man struggled for his own survival, but that every man accepted individual responsibility for the survival of all.

America was a nation that would not turn its back on the hungry, would never say no to the needy, would open arms to the weary and the homeless, and would share its abundance with the world.

Yet as America became great, Americans became greedy. Not all, but many. And, as time went on, more and more.

As Americans saw how good it was possible to have it, they sought to have it even better. Yet there was only one way to have more and more and more. Someone else had to have less and less and less.

As greed replaced greatness in the American character, there was less room for compassion for the least among the people. The less fortunate were told it was their 'own damned fault' if it didn't have more. After all, America was the Land of Opportunity, was it not? No one except the less fortunate found it possible to admit that America's opportunity was limited, institutionally, to those already on the inside track. In general, these have not included many minorities, such as those of certain skin color or gender.

Americans became arrogant internationally as well. As millions starved across the globe, American threw away enough food each day to feed entire nations. Americans was generous with some, yes - but increasingly her foreign policy came to be an extension of her own vested interests. America helped others when it served America to do so. (That is, when it served America's power structure, America's richest elite, or the military machine that protected those elite - and their collective assets.)

America's founding ideal - Brotherly Love - had been eroded. Now, any talk of being "your brother's keeper" is met with a new brand of Americanism - a sharp mind toward what it takes to hold on to one's own, and a sharp word to any among the less fortunate who would dare ask for their fair share, for their grievances to be redressed.

Each person must take responsibility for herself or himself - that is undeniably true. But America - and your world - can truly work only when every person is willing to stand responsible for all of you as a Whole.

On the side, you'll see the link to Humanity's team. The team is inspired by these books 'Conversations with God'. You might want to be part of this movement.


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