Monday, November 07, 2005

CIA exemption from 'ban of torture'

It's appalling to learn that Cheney has asked Congress for CIA exemption from the 'ban of torture'. Why the special treatment? We are going down a slippery slope here.

We should not even contemplate about harming one another. I know we are in a war, and yet this is what we must think. We must be the light and stay bright in the times of darkness when there are a lot fears. Stay compassionate. When we look at another fellow human being, we must not think of them as a 'terrorist', but a fellow human being. When we look at them in that way, we draw the 'human being' out of them, which is compassionate as well. After all, humans are 'humane'. This is the challenge. Turn us back to a 'humane' society.


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