Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Emotions - Functions and Dysfunctions

This is a excerpt from 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsh on emotions. This is how 'God' in his book explains emotions. I am paraphrasing it here. Neale has wrote a series of books on 'Conversations with God'. It you have not read them, consider reading them. I made peace with God through Buddha, but many of you might not have that experience. These books, however, are accessible to all. If you have not made peace with God, consider reading them. Once you made peace with God, you are truly at peace.

Emotions - Their Function

Grief is a part of you which allows you to say goodbye when you don't want to say goodbye. To experience the sadness within you at any kind of loss.

Anger is the tool which allows you to say 'No, thank you'. It does not have to be abusive, and it never has to be damaging to another.

Envy makes you try harder, continue striving until you succeed.

Fear is to build in a bit of caution. Caution is a tool that helps keep the body alive.

Love, when expressed naturally, it is without limitations and conditions. Healthy for both the giver and recipient.

Emotions, however, can be dysfunctional when they are repressed.

Grief, continually repressed, becomes chronic depression, an unnatural emotion.

Anger, continually repressed, becomes rage, an unnatural emotion.

Envy, continually repressed, becomes jealousy, an unnatural emotion.

Fear, continually repressed, becomes panic, an unnatural emotion.

Love, continually repressed, becomes possessiveness, an unnatural emotion.

People have killed, wars have started, nations have fallen through these unnatural emotions.


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