Thursday, December 01, 2005


It seems there will be no pardon for 'Tookie' and he will go through execution nevertheless despite his work to discourage young people from joining gangs, and many young people listened to him.

It is unfortunate because I think it is these people that can indeed persuade potential criminals from walking away from crime. I don't know what 'Tookie' did or even if he is guilty. And if he is guilty, I haven't talk to 'Tookie' to find out whether there are any motivations.

From the Vietnam War, I have always been curious what drives people to the point where they are ready to kill. My curiosity overwhelmed my fear of death. Perhaps when that's why when the stranger pointed the gun at me, I was calm enough to ask the question. Sure, he can shoot me and I die ... so what, we all die in the end. But if in fear, I kill him first, I would never find out the answer. It is in finding out these answers that we maybe able to find the root cause of violence.

Sometimes I don't understand the legal system in this country. Instead of asking why those who did the crime did what they did, our system silence them, and let the lawyers talk. Our system seem to focus on 'fact', whether they did it or not and not on their motivations. However, when you deal with people, you deal with their perception, and sometimes, it has little to do with 'facts'.

If it is up to me, I probably asked 'Tookie' - do you pledge that you will not hurt people in the future? And if he is willing to make that pledge, I probably would go to each of the families that 'Tookie' has hurt and ask for forgiveness, just as Christ would have asked for forgiveness. 'Tookie' would have to understand that if the families are unwilling to forgive, then he would have to face the consequences for his actions. But I would do my best to ask for forgivenes and let him go. But then, that's me. The current system does not let me do something like this. I don't understand this execution. Is it to save money? Is it because if you kill, then you must face death? But then not everyone who kill face death in this country.

In the end, how you feel about this issue has more to do with you than with 'Tookie'. I believe in giving people another chance when they messed up, especially if they realize what they did wasn't the best choice, and pledge to improve their lives. Right or wrong, that's me. Yes, the victims are hurt. We can do nothing about the death, however, those who die go back to 'heaven' to join God, so we should rejoice for them. As for the families, of course, they are hurt by the loss. This would be a good opportunity for them to grieve and let go as they know their loved one are back with God. As for the community who is made up of many people, each with their minds, I am on the side of clemency.


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