Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Free Logo

Here is my free logo from the 'Free Logo' site. Not quite what I had in mind, but it comes close.

The yin yang symbol as a background symbolizes the environment that we are in. First, there is one (God), then there is two - yin yang, according to Chinese Medicine. It is amazing how close this theory comes to what is being revealed through the 'Conversations with God' series - that God created opposites in order to know what it is. It's a powerful concept.

With that principle, there is no absolutes. Everything is relative. One knows itself through its opposite. Would you know you are kind if you are surrounded by kind people? Only when you see some who is not kind can you see yourself as being kind. So thank that person.

The 'Compassion for All' should be the foundation as we solve our world's problems. Too often, we solve problems that is good for certain interest groups at the expense of others. Our challenge is to come up with solutions that serve us all.


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Hi there,

I've done another one with both hands as you asked, check it out...

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