Monday, November 14, 2005

'God' on the New World

Since we are attempting to simplify the tax code, I am going to throw out God's suggestion. You wonder the world is in such a mess, why doesn't God do anything about it. His answer - He gave us free will ... therefore, it's up to us. Although, in the books, he does put on his thinking cap and gave us some suggestions. Although He said the real change can only occur if we can shift conciousness - think of us as One, connected to Him, instead of separate from Him and from each other. In fact, He dares us.

1. Create the 'World Federation'. League of Nations and United Nations were examples of it. The United States can serve as an example. Before the United States become the United States, there were states, each has its own militia, fighting each other. Now, these states come together under the United States, with executive branch, legislative branch, and judicial branch. Each state has two senators, and the number of representatives reflect the population from that state. In the same way, there will be an executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch ... except, it's for the world.

2. Cut down the military drastically, and especially weapons of mass destruction. He said, that if we can cut this down, we have enough money to feed and shelter the poor. He said, He has provided enough for all.

3. There should be a minimum and maximum earnings. That is, everybody should have the minimum support - food, shelter, and preventive medicine ... even if they don't work and being lazy. There too, should be a maximum earning, anymore than that should go back to society, although the individual can designate which programs his money go too ... and his name should be recorded for society to see and remember. Also, there should be a voluntary 10% donation of earnings back to society ... that means, there should be no mandatory tax. If there is a shift in consciousness, people would want to give.

4. There should be transparency in the financial world. How much each person earn. How much things cost. How much they sell for. If everything is transparent, a person has a less tendency to cheat.

His ideas are expounded in Book 2 of Conversations with God. These are the highlights of His ideas.


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