Sunday, December 04, 2005

Katrina Housing Problem

Today, on NPR, I heard that FEMA was planning to put the trailers in the park, but the neighbors were having a problem with it. Sure, they want to help, but not in their backyard. They are afraid of crimes, drugs come into the neighborhood.

As I understand from the article I read in Rolling Stones, in their last attempt to build FEMAville to shelter the victims of Hurricane Charley, the trailers were pretty remote, away from society. There's lack of essential services, and high crimes developed, turning it into the New American Ghetto.

Learning from that failed experiment, I think that's why they want to put trailers in the parks, close to society. However, the society doesn't want them there.

As far as housing vouchers, I don't think the administration is too keen on it, afraid that it would create a dependency.

This country needs to think what they should do with the poor. They exist. Do we want to leave them homeless, and let them fend for themselves, or do we want to be compassionate, and help them out, understanding that there would be a cost to it. I am for the latter.


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