Monday, December 05, 2005

12% increase in salary for California legislators

I have no problem with salary increase, but it is at a time when there is a big deficit. They just had a special election which consume so much money. They were saying that California education has slide to the bottom because of budget problem. And now they give themselves a raise.

At times, I just want to stop paying taxes. For what? Programs have budget cuts and they have a salary increase.


Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...

The boys in Power are making a profit, its the American Way, what can one do ??

STOP - Paying.

Put the choice of "Tax*Revolt" in the To*Do list and the whole system will shift in less than a heart beat.

Put the choice of "Shopping*Revolt in the To*Do list and the whole system will shift in a nano second.

Americans had better get off their collective couchs and stop paying if they really want to make change, after all how much more stuff do you need, there is more rented storage capacity in this country than there is affordable housing, get real.

Remember the Tea*Party, its time for another, and then elect some true Leadership, not Power-Puffs.

* * *

One who angers the few, will be seen and accepted as a leader by the many.

One who angers the many will be seen and accepted as powerful by the few.

Those who live and act in fear and anger will suffer the egos and deceptions of the powerful.

Those who live and act with compassion, tolerance and understanding will enjoy the benefits of truth guided by the Rulz of Love.


* * *
It is my humble opinion that many are left out in the political process, due to the fact that it is controlled by folks who's main interest is being in a position of power as opposed to one of leadership.

this is the crux of representative government when the term of "representative" is taken to mean one who gets things done for one's agenda, which is a position of power, rather than one of leadership.

"Be the change you want to see"

From the death throws of the old ways, usher forth the bright rays of things to be.


Love*Rulz (Available on DVD ;)

11:48 AM  
Blogger Trang Vuong said...


A tax revolt - that is an idea. That would wake them up. But then, they might put us in jail for breaking the law.

Cindy and her group went to White House to hand a petition regarding Iraq, and they were put in jail.

11:44 PM  

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