Saturday, December 03, 2005

Killing innocent civilians

I don't know what are in the hearts of these suicide bombers as they exploded themselves as they bring along other people with them. What can bring about such behavior? Desperation? Want to go back to God and leave this 'Hellish' world?

According to the account in the Rolling Stones, these people don't even know that this is what they will be asked to do. From one account, they've been watching their Muslim brothers being slaughtered and decided to join the jihad. If that is why, then why are there more Muslims being killed than the Americans. Are the Muslims being killed because some of them sided with the Americans? How do you know which are which?

Reminds me of Vietnam. By looking, one does not know which side he/she is from. And some functions like spy, making money by giving information. You cannot trust anybody.


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