Monday, April 03, 2006

George Bush and Condi Rice

George Bush said that the problems that we currently have in Iraq is because of Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein has been in jail for all these years. I am just amazed at George Bush's logic. If something goes right, it's to his credit, but if something goes wrong, it's somebody else fault.

Condi Rice said that although we have made many errors, we have made a good strategy. What strategy is she referring to?

As long as these two people don't see the problems, they can't solve the problems. Even when the people of this nation come together and say it, they can't see it. Even when some congress people start seeing it, they can't see it.

They think that if they keep saying it, we start believing in it. Not this time.

If the Iraqis can't come together and form a government, it's something wrong with them, right? Saddam Hussein have divided them so much that they can't come together now, right? And what make you think that a government would be good for them? Because it has worked for you right? Has the government really work for you? What does the government do? Make laws? If they make laws, and if people follow the law, perhaps we have peace, right? What make you think that if you make law, then people will follow the law? Because if they don't follow the law, they will punished right? And what make you think your law is good and people should follow it?

Sometimes, I feel sad for you. You make your laws to imprison you. I wonder when will you see it and liberate yourself. You can make your own law and follow it, but don't impose your law on other people. If your suggestion is good, people will naturally follow it, without you imposing any law.

Stay strong. The world is turning. More people are turning toward the positive, simply because it is healthier that way. Let you feelings about things guide your way. Your feelings are the gate to your soul ... your inner God.


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