Thursday, April 06, 2006

On Marriage

I bring up this issue because this is one of the issues that divide us. Many have brought up 'marriage' as something that is sanctified, ordained from 'God', and here is what He has to say about it. Again from Neale Donald Walsch book.

'Marriage was the only way you could figure out to bring 'foreverness', or eternality, into your experience of love. It was the only way a female could guarantee her support and survival, and the only way a male could guarantee the constant availability of sex, and companionship.

So a social convention was created. A bargain was struck. You give me this and I'll give you that. In this it was very much like a business. A contract was made. And since both parties needed to enforce the contract, it was said to be a 'sacred pact' with God, who would punish those who broke it.

Later, when that didn't work, you created man-made laws to enforce it. But even that hasn't worked.

Neither the so-called laws of God nor the laws of man have been able to keep people from breaking their marriage vows. Why? Because those vows as you have them normally constructed run counter to the only law that matters, and that is natural law. Marriage, as most of you have practiced it, is not particularly beautiful, for it violates two of the three aspect of what is true about each human being by nature.

Again, what is natural law?
Who You Are is love
What love is, is unlimited, eternal, and free.
Therefore, that is What You Are

Now, any artificial social, moral, religious, philosophical, economic, or political construction which violates or subordinates your nature is an impingement upon your very Self - and you will rail against it.

What do you suppose gave birth to your own country? Was it not 'Give me liberty, or give me death'?

Well, you've given up that liberty in your country, and you've given it up in your lives. And all for the same thing. Security.

You are so afraid to live - so afraid of life itself - that you've given up the very nature of your being in trade for security.

The institution you call marriage is your attempt to create security, as is the institution called government. Actually, they are both forms of the same thing - artificial social constructions designed to govern each other's behavior.'


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