Friday, April 28, 2006

Playing God

There was a comment in the Euthanasia and Suicide post that euthanasia is like playing God, and no humane person would do that.

The Euthanasia and Suicide post came directly from God in Conversation with God. You can agree or disagree with Him. I happen to agree with Him in this area. And believe me, if you disagree with Him, He is not going to punish you. On Earth, it can be quite a different story. Humans are not that forgiving.

I give you a personal example. During the Vietnam War, a couple gave their kids poisons. Now, why on earth would they do that? Well, they were afraid the kids would be captured, and they can be tortured, so the poisons were there for them to end their life quickly in case the torture becomes unbearable. They asked my mom if she wants some for us kids. She decided against it.

The rationale was to relieve pain and suffering for the kids in case the pain becomes unbearable. Was that inhumane?

There are cases when the pain and suffering becomes unbearable for a person to bear, and they request you to kill them to end their pain and suffering. Is it more humane to end their life and so end their pain, or elongate their life and prolong their pain and suffering. You decide. You make a statement about yourself. I have no judgment about it. If you make your decision based on love, then you are being compassionate.

The parents who made that decision based on their love for their kids are being compassionate although the poison would kill their kids. Fortunately, I have not been put in that position.

With euthanasia, at least, you have the request of the patient. They have condone and give their permission to this act. But the state punishes those who perform this act. Contrast that with collateral damage of war. You don't have the permission of the other. And yet the state condones this action.

You kill animals when you see them in pain. You do it out of love for your animal. It is the same with human beings. If you do it out of love, then you are being compassionate. The world might not treat you kindly, however. The law might not be on your side either. I hope none of you will ever have to face that decision. Confronted with someone who is in great pain and they ask you to end their life.


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