Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My spiritual father

Who knows, one may find hope in the midst of desperation. It all depends on how you see things. I remember during the Vietnam War, with all the bombs, the deaths, my absent father because he was always stationed somewhere fighting in the war, there was one good thing that happened to me. I asked Christ to be my father.

I came from a Buddhist family. I went to a Catholic school. I learned passages from Christ here and there, and there was one passage - 'Knock, and I shall answer'. Well, I knocked. I needed help. I needed a father. I needed guidance. And from that day, I developed a relationship with Christ ... I see him as my father, not as a God.

And with it, comes the tranquility and the fearlessness in the midst of war and the unconditional love. It felt as if his spirit entered me and I can feel it. It felt at times, that the words that I spoke are from him but delivered through me. I wish people can develop this bond with Christ/God and experience this tranquility, this love, and this fearlessness ... not to say the power.

They say - God is within you already. One can use Christ to get one there. Most people heard of Christ and know of his message. He is inviting you to knock on his door when you need help. It is easier to use him as a stepping stone. If you choose to 'adopt' him as your father, I hope you too will learn to love your fellow man unconditionally. This was his message. It comes quite naturally with him besides you. Eventually, you'll merge. No wonder why they say ... we are all One.


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