Sunday, August 05, 2007

Offer Peace First

I hope whoever will be the president will offer peace first. They might or might accept, but one should offer peace if one wants peace.

We have a lot of division in this country because we have a president who rush to war. For many who believe war is the last resort, this runs counter to their principle. If one offers peace, but the other rejects it, then it is easier to fight - at least one can rationalize it.

Yes, we see the other side make threats, but we didn't offer peace. We should induce those who contemplate suicide bombing to come forward and speak. What is on their mind? What brings them to this point? We shouldn't be judgemental. We should just seek to understand. We might avert them from actually doing it. It's when we are judgemental that they hide and we fight in the dark.

We need a leader who has credibility. Unfortunately, Bush has no credibility left for him. I feel sad for him. He might have other agendas for the country, but then 9/11 happened, and being a leader of the country, he has a responsility to protect the country. It is a heavy responsibility. He did the best that he knows how.


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