Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Obama speaks out against American air raids

Obama received a lot of criticism today for speaking out against American air raids, which can potentially can kill many innocent lives. Many equate this to being 'anti-Americans' or 'against the troops'.

Being on the other side of this, I am glad Obama speaks out against this. I usually despise them. I don't mind a soldier look me to the eye and kills me - at least, they see me, look me in the eye, and know that they kill me. That is easy to forgive. But for those who fly in the sky, and if I happen to die from it, it would be a stupid death. They can claim innocence because they didn't see me, and it's an unfortunate collateral damage of war.

Air raids can be a good strategy for winning, but it also reveals the heartlessness of its operator (perceived from the other side), and a country that supports that strategy. For a country who wants to proclaim that we care for the world, yet we condone air raids, is it not hard to understand why people find it hard to believe what we say. They look at our actions and they are not consistent with our words.

Obama simply reminds us to be human again. Sometimes we have to fight, but if we have to fight, target the 'right' ones - that is, after we see them and confirm that we have the 'right' ones. Of course, before we get them, I hope that they are given the opportunity to speak and change their path ... the path that would not harm their fellow human beings. Give them a choice. Who knows, they might be intimidated into the position they are in. Who knows, they might see no other path ... until one is shown to them. They are human beings. They are your fellow man. They might have lost their way. 'Forgive them for they know not what they are doing'.


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