Sunday, August 19, 2007

Military Religious Freedom

I watched on C-SPAN today - an author - Michael Weinstein - describing his experience with religious fascism (?) in the military. He wrote the book 'With God on our side.' He describes some of the scariest thing I have ever heard.

What he seems to say is the voluntary military is heavily dominated by religious fascists. They came to him and imposed their religions, cited by many verses in the Bible. Basically, they too want to dominate their world - impose their religion on the world. We think we support the military, but is it possible that we support a group of 'Christian' extremists unknowingly? How predominant is this group in the military?

I like people to discover the 'Christ', the 'God' within them, but I would not like for it to be imposed on them. And if there are two sides to it, I hope people choose to stay on the compassionate side primarily, and occasionally use the other side to protect themselves.

Anyway, his website is He is asking for donations. No one should have their religion to be imposed on them. Be warned, he says once you take on this path, you might be harassed ... just as he was.


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