Saturday, August 25, 2007

God's Warriors

I watched the series of God's Warriors from CNN, from the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians. There's another side of God's Warriors that are not covered because they are relatively peaceful, they don't create noise, but they serve their God as well.

I understand the fear in the secular world regarding the religious people. It's true, once you decide to serve God, when there is a conflict between God's law and man's law, those who serve God follow God's law, and who knows what law they follow and believe. They can pick a verse in the Bible, believe in it, and make it their God's law. If it's 'An eye for an eye', then they learn to fight for justice, believing what they do is right. If it's 'Love thy Enemy', then they learn to forgive all, believing what they do is right. Both serve their God, but their nature is drastically different.

I understand the desire for religious people to spread their faith. I can read the Bible a thousand times, yet if I don't have an inner experience with God, it's pretty useless. It's that inner experience with God that gives people strength. Once people discover this source of strength, they want to share it.

I understand the frustration of secular people. Because they don't have the inner experience with God, they look at religious people as threatening, imposing their faith upon them. And worse, if they choose to follow the religious path, yet don't have an inner experience with God, they feel that they are somehow deficient, not having enough faith in God.

I believe the peaceful God's Warriors will emerge. They have seen how these people who claim to be God's Warriors terrorize people, impose their views upon people. The peaceful God's Warriors understand that God gives people choice and they would never impose their views on them. The peaceful God's Warriors understand that all people are God's children, yet some have not realize it and make the connection. The peaceful God's Warriors seek to bring the beautiful aspects about God, the God to be loved, and not to be feared, gently reminding people of their inner God.

God created this world with differences so we can make a choice. It's quite a colorful world. Some people experience these differences with amazement, yet some people experience these differences with agitation. Both sees the same thing, yet they have a different inner experience. May we make a choice that brings less pain to the world, and more joy to the world.


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