Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad Speech at Columbia University

It was unfortunate that the President of Columbia University condemned Ahmadinejad before he even started to speak. It should go at the end of the speech, when there is a period of questions and answers.

If Columbia University doesn't want to invite him to speak, that's fine, it's their choice, but once invited, and condemn the speaker like that, it just doesn't look good.

I admit I didn't finish listening to Ahmadinejad speech. I hear God here and there, then I start tuning out. President Bush has used extreme languange, referring to North Korea, Iraq and Iran as 'Axis of Evil'. Osama bin Laden has used extreme language, referring to nonbelievers as 'infidels'. Ahmadinejad has used extreme language, such as 'wiping Israel off the map'. When these people start utter words that increase hatred for your fellow man, distance yourself from them, don't let their hatred gets to you. Hitler comes to such power because his people agree with him, and thus giving him his power. In our case, it seems the people do not agree with Bush, but Congress is unwilling to do anything to him. Those who advocated to peace were prosecuted when they speak up ... so much for the 'freedom' of speech in this country.

It can be frustrating at times to hear people express words that destroy other people, their fellow man, because they have so much anger/hatred within them. May you center in love, unperturbed by the anger and hatred expressed around you, and radiates your love outward. Love is energy and it travels. May your love radiates outward, travel around the world, and transform the world. Believe in it ... believe that you can bring this to a reality. Know that you can bring this to a reality. This is the key behind 'miracles' ... the spirit, the mind, the heart work in unison. May you witness the power that is within you.


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