Sunday, September 02, 2007

Find Your Path

When Buddha said 'Find Your Own Path' after he reached enlightenment, I ponder as to why he said this. Why doesn't he show us the step to get there? Increasingly, I understand this statement.

Buddha showed meditation as one of the way. That was how he got there. But not everyone who engages in the process of meditation gets there. For some, the simple instruction of clearing your mind is a difficult step because there are thoughts in their mind always.

What he can do is to express his experience, what it is like, but he doesn't explain it. He showed us the possibility to us to get there, because he got there ... just as Christ got there.

Once you are touched by 'divinity', you can either accept your experience or deny your experience. If you accept your experience as the truth, then the laws of the universe as it is understood right now is pretty useless in explaining your experience. If you accept your experience as the truth, when you start speaking, people may think you are crazy because they don't witness the experience. Or you can deny your experience, saying it's your fertile imagination or hallucination, and go back to the world where you can understand the logic of it and speak in a logical sense.

The beauty about finding your inner God is you realize your inner power. When you are sick, you choose whether you want to have this experience or not, and if not, you simply command it to leave, and it would leave, because now, you are the master. Now why would you want to experience sickness? That is the essence to coming to this world - to experience, to have a wealth of experience, and to show that no matter how bad the experience is, your spirit triumphs.

I know people are feeling insecured about their health and seeking universal health care. I hope you don't forget the power that is within you. Only when you realize your inner power can you be free, otherwise, what the outside world provides is just band-aid. I am not saying that what the outside world provide is bad. Many people with good intentions invested their energies to find treatments. I just don't want to see you grow dependent on it. May you find your path and discover your inner power and set yourself free.


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