Saturday, September 15, 2007

Peace in a Violent World

Our weapons are getting more effective at killing a mass of people. The market exists to transfer this technology worldwide. We designed our weapons to obliterate 'them', now, we become the target for these weapons. Despite the horrible effects that these weapons do, mankind still cling to them, thinking that they will protect them.

Once mankind decide that these weapons do not serve them can they shed themselves of these weapons. Your intentions have an impact. Your words have an impact. Your actions have an impact. What kind of world do you want to create? If you want to create a peaceful world, then what role does weapons of mass destruction play? If you want others don't have weapons of mass destruction to target you, how do you explain the weapons of mass destruction in your arsenal. They are motivated as you are by fear to protect themselves. They are motivated as you are to have justice in a seemingly unfair world, where the balance of power and money is lopsided.

What constitute a peaceful world? How can one achieve a peaceful world? Can there be peace in imbalanced world - where money and power is lopsided? Can there be peace in the world where people have to struggle for their daily survival? Can there be peace in the world while weapons are rampant?

Peace is in the world starts with you. Can there be a war if people are unwilling to engage in activities that hurt their fellow human beings, that kill their fellow human beings? Starts with a loving heart. Seek to serve God and protect all of His creations to your best ability. It can transform your fears and hatred, and it may transforms their fears and hatred as well. You may witness the power of love and understand its power. But it is a choice. What that means is - you love people not only when they love you and say good things about you, but also when they say mean and bad things to you and mistreats you. It's through these conflicts that you grow stronger, so be thankful for it. Another aspects is you are now the master, in charge of your views, and not the victim, subject to the whims of the world.

May you find peace in a violent world, choose love in a violent world, and radiate this love outward.


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