Saturday, August 25, 2007

God's Warriors

I watched the series of God's Warriors from CNN, from the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians. There's another side of God's Warriors that are not covered because they are relatively peaceful, they don't create noise, but they serve their God as well.

I understand the fear in the secular world regarding the religious people. It's true, once you decide to serve God, when there is a conflict between God's law and man's law, those who serve God follow God's law, and who knows what law they follow and believe. They can pick a verse in the Bible, believe in it, and make it their God's law. If it's 'An eye for an eye', then they learn to fight for justice, believing what they do is right. If it's 'Love thy Enemy', then they learn to forgive all, believing what they do is right. Both serve their God, but their nature is drastically different.

I understand the desire for religious people to spread their faith. I can read the Bible a thousand times, yet if I don't have an inner experience with God, it's pretty useless. It's that inner experience with God that gives people strength. Once people discover this source of strength, they want to share it.

I understand the frustration of secular people. Because they don't have the inner experience with God, they look at religious people as threatening, imposing their faith upon them. And worse, if they choose to follow the religious path, yet don't have an inner experience with God, they feel that they are somehow deficient, not having enough faith in God.

I believe the peaceful God's Warriors will emerge. They have seen how these people who claim to be God's Warriors terrorize people, impose their views upon people. The peaceful God's Warriors understand that God gives people choice and they would never impose their views on them. The peaceful God's Warriors understand that all people are God's children, yet some have not realize it and make the connection. The peaceful God's Warriors seek to bring the beautiful aspects about God, the God to be loved, and not to be feared, gently reminding people of their inner God.

God created this world with differences so we can make a choice. It's quite a colorful world. Some people experience these differences with amazement, yet some people experience these differences with agitation. Both sees the same thing, yet they have a different inner experience. May we make a choice that brings less pain to the world, and more joy to the world.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Military Religious Freedom

I watched on C-SPAN today - an author - Michael Weinstein - describing his experience with religious fascism (?) in the military. He wrote the book 'With God on our side.' He describes some of the scariest thing I have ever heard.

What he seems to say is the voluntary military is heavily dominated by religious fascists. They came to him and imposed their religions, cited by many verses in the Bible. Basically, they too want to dominate their world - impose their religion on the world. We think we support the military, but is it possible that we support a group of 'Christian' extremists unknowingly? How predominant is this group in the military?

I like people to discover the 'Christ', the 'God' within them, but I would not like for it to be imposed on them. And if there are two sides to it, I hope people choose to stay on the compassionate side primarily, and occasionally use the other side to protect themselves.

Anyway, his website is He is asking for donations. No one should have their religion to be imposed on them. Be warned, he says once you take on this path, you might be harassed ... just as he was.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Obama speaks out against American air raids

Obama received a lot of criticism today for speaking out against American air raids, which can potentially can kill many innocent lives. Many equate this to being 'anti-Americans' or 'against the troops'.

Being on the other side of this, I am glad Obama speaks out against this. I usually despise them. I don't mind a soldier look me to the eye and kills me - at least, they see me, look me in the eye, and know that they kill me. That is easy to forgive. But for those who fly in the sky, and if I happen to die from it, it would be a stupid death. They can claim innocence because they didn't see me, and it's an unfortunate collateral damage of war.

Air raids can be a good strategy for winning, but it also reveals the heartlessness of its operator (perceived from the other side), and a country that supports that strategy. For a country who wants to proclaim that we care for the world, yet we condone air raids, is it not hard to understand why people find it hard to believe what we say. They look at our actions and they are not consistent with our words.

Obama simply reminds us to be human again. Sometimes we have to fight, but if we have to fight, target the 'right' ones - that is, after we see them and confirm that we have the 'right' ones. Of course, before we get them, I hope that they are given the opportunity to speak and change their path ... the path that would not harm their fellow human beings. Give them a choice. Who knows, they might be intimidated into the position they are in. Who knows, they might see no other path ... until one is shown to them. They are human beings. They are your fellow man. They might have lost their way. 'Forgive them for they know not what they are doing'.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Offer Peace First

I hope whoever will be the president will offer peace first. They might or might accept, but one should offer peace if one wants peace.

We have a lot of division in this country because we have a president who rush to war. For many who believe war is the last resort, this runs counter to their principle. If one offers peace, but the other rejects it, then it is easier to fight - at least one can rationalize it.

Yes, we see the other side make threats, but we didn't offer peace. We should induce those who contemplate suicide bombing to come forward and speak. What is on their mind? What brings them to this point? We shouldn't be judgemental. We should just seek to understand. We might avert them from actually doing it. It's when we are judgemental that they hide and we fight in the dark.

We need a leader who has credibility. Unfortunately, Bush has no credibility left for him. I feel sad for him. He might have other agendas for the country, but then 9/11 happened, and being a leader of the country, he has a responsility to protect the country. It is a heavy responsibility. He did the best that he knows how.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Obama, Show Them the Way

Americans will make the decision as to who will be their next leader.

I don't know what is the strength behind Obama's conviction and fearlessness in speaking to foreign leaders and finding common grounds between them, but it feels like Obama also embody Christ's spirit within him. He seeks to heal. He seeks to give hope. He has faith in people. He sounds so familiar.

Will Americans choose the 'safe' way with someone 'experienced' or they will choose the more 'fulfilling' way but it can more be 'risky' because it's with someone more 'inexperienced'?

I hope this time, we learn how to carry that cross together.

My spiritual father

Who knows, one may find hope in the midst of desperation. It all depends on how you see things. I remember during the Vietnam War, with all the bombs, the deaths, my absent father because he was always stationed somewhere fighting in the war, there was one good thing that happened to me. I asked Christ to be my father.

I came from a Buddhist family. I went to a Catholic school. I learned passages from Christ here and there, and there was one passage - 'Knock, and I shall answer'. Well, I knocked. I needed help. I needed a father. I needed guidance. And from that day, I developed a relationship with Christ ... I see him as my father, not as a God.

And with it, comes the tranquility and the fearlessness in the midst of war and the unconditional love. It felt as if his spirit entered me and I can feel it. It felt at times, that the words that I spoke are from him but delivered through me. I wish people can develop this bond with Christ/God and experience this tranquility, this love, and this fearlessness ... not to say the power.

They say - God is within you already. One can use Christ to get one there. Most people heard of Christ and know of his message. He is inviting you to knock on his door when you need help. It is easier to use him as a stepping stone. If you choose to 'adopt' him as your father, I hope you too will learn to love your fellow man unconditionally. This was his message. It comes quite naturally with him besides you. Eventually, you'll merge. No wonder why they say ... we are all One.