Wednesday, October 31, 2007

San Jose's EarthQuake

There's a slight rumbling in Fremont where I live from San Jose Earthquake. The instant I feel the rumbling, I instantly 'smoothe the flow of energy' and it stopped. Of course, this might be just a coincidence.

When there's fire in San Diego, I too 'smoothe the flow of energy', calm the wind, bring in the rain.

Instead of feeling helpless in such a situation, imagine yourself connected to the universe and help calming it. Instead of saying it's impossible, just experiment with it.

You've seen experiments when the person's energy is connected to the universe, it is extremely difficult to lift them up. Instead of using just your energy, use the energy from beyond, which is vast.

Power is neither good or bad. It might seem 'supernatural'. One can use it for good or bad purpose. I hope you choose to use it for good purpose.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hillary's Logic

Hillary tried to correct herself by saying that her vote to label the Iranians guards as 'terrorists' as a push toward diplomacy. If this is her style of diplomacy, we are in trouble.

Please stop the labelling. It doesn't help. Nobody likes to be labeled 'terrorists'. Worse, once labeled, it provides them the excuse to become exactly what we don't want them to be.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Obama, don't give up

Mr. Obama, I am glad you have decided to run. You recently just joined the senate, and it would be risky for you to run, because you know they say you have limited experience. Yet, you decided to run and expressed the thoughts/ideas that Americans need to hear.

Politics is tough. Many people may have similar ideas as yours but don't have the courage to run because once you get into the political arena, people will say mean things about you to get you out of the way. It's the nature of the game - to win.

I do hope the people will choose you to lead this country. Although you are young and black, you have showed wisdom and good judgment. If in the event the people do not choose you, I hope you continue with the movement, to bring change to this country. Don't give up just because you are not elected. You have many supporters around you.

Look at Al Gore. He has a message to bring to world. Although he didn't get the presidency, he continued on with his message, risking being ridiculed, and now the world seems to get the message. Al Gore has an important message to bring to the world, and you too have an important message to bring to the world. Don't give up.

Hillary's vote on the Iran situation shows that she has not learned the lesson, so I agree with your statement. Many people criticized you for not being there to vote. What difference would your vote make? An overwhelming number of people vote along with Hillary. But it's good that you speak out.

Congress vote on the Armenian issue is another thing. Why make an issue over this? Why antagonize living people like this? The Armenians are dead a long time ago? Would they want us to fight each other over them?

Congress has more important matters to deal with than what to label some activities that happened a long time ago and risked antagonizing another country.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Serve God out of Love

I hear many people say - if there's no punishment from God, why would people be 'good'? It's because of the fear of being punished by God, that people stays 'good'. It seems we create the laws for the same purpose. Threaten people with punishment to get them to stay on the 'good' path.

Seek to serve God out of Love and not out of Fear. Decisions that are made based on Love in general yields positive results, while decisions that are made based on Fear in general yields negative results. The Bible did a good job of putting this Fear in us. It took decades for me to get it out.

My door has been knocked. I see a movement of people coming out, seeking to serve God in a positive way, bringing Love and not Terror to people's lives. I too will serve God in my own way, bringing healing to the world, with whatever power I have - because I love Him and not because I fear Him.

You are energy. The next time when you hear news of impending storm that has the capability to hurt many people, imagine yourself as a shield, protecting them from harm. As a physical entity, your body cannot move there, but other aspects of you can move ... even through 'time'.

Whether you believe in God or not is not important. Let Love for your fellow man guides your way.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Healthcare for Kids

I hear the debate on healthcare for kids. George Bush is going to veto the bill. He says this is getting to be 'national health care, socialized medicine'.

I don't know why this country is so against national health care. If I have to pay, I prefer to pay to some federal program rather than to some profit oriented companies.

I hear people ask 'Why should I pay for his/her/some kids health care?' If one has to ask that, I don't really know how this country can improve. I suppose this is the side effect of a capitalist society - everybody think for themselves.

If there is to be a national health care, there has to be a changing attitude - people start caring for others and don't mind pitching in to this pool to take care of others.