Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hamas in Palestine

The Hamas was 'democratically' elected in Palestine, and yet, now that they are elected, we don't want to deal with them because we regard them as 'terrorists'.

Goethe says 'Treat a man as he is then he remain as he is. Treat a man as he should be, then he'll show you how he can be and should be.'

This would be a good time to test out this theory. If we treat them as 'terrorists', they will remain terrorists. However, if we treat them as 'human beings', then maybe they'll behave like human beings.

On the other hand, if the Hamas express such anger such as the extermination of the Israelis, then they should understand the retaliation. It has nothing to do with 'terrorism'. It has to do with human nature.

It is time to let go of the anger. It is like brother fighting against brother and it is hard to watch from the outside. We are all family here. It starts with the individual. All you have to do is not to arm yourselves and hurt another fellow human beings. If all of us take on that responsibility, peace would happen instantaneously. The world maybe at war, but you can decide not to take part in it, not to fuel it. May peace be with you.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Capital Punishment

Today, I hear an issue regarding a capital punishment being postponed because a doctor refused to give the lethal injection. A doctor needs to be there to make sure that the 'client' feel no pain. I don't blame the doctor. Participating in the end of life for someone does not feel very good. Some of these doctors are afraid they may lose their license should the truth be coming out.

A short while ago, Tookie underwent capital punishment, there was no issue, but now, there is such an issue. I hope this is a sign that the nation has wake up and no longer see capital punishment is the wise thing to do.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mission Statement

I will live my life fully
I will keep God by my side as my companion
I will show compassion toward people
I will love people unconditionally
I will help people in need
I will see the positive aspects in people, no matter who they are
I will show people the talents that are within them
I will show people the powers that are within them
I will bring people together, creating harmony within them
I will bring people together, showing the strength within them
I will inspire the spirit of compassion within them
I will remind people the beauty that is within them
They are creatures of God after all
They are perfect
To see otherwise is to show disrespect for God's creation

The State of the Union

Bush has softened his tones dramatically this time. His unpopularity in this country has humbled him quite a bit.

In general, I found his speech to be positive. He tries to be optimistic about the future, although he acknowledge the anxiety that we feel at this time.

In energy, he admonish that we are 'addicted' to oil, and we must invest in alternative source of energy so we don't rely on unstable foreign countries. This is a good acknowledgement.

We are becoming a global world, and there are issues associated with it. Instead of retreating to protectionism, he argued that we should be engaged and take the lead. I agree that we cannot go back to the past, however, in leading, I hope that he meant to get the whole world to a better place, and not just America.

He talked about education and how we should be strong in math and science in order to lead. I am all for education, however, the cost of education is becoming prohibitive expensive, and less affordable for many. If he wants a lot of us to become more educated, he should have made education to be more affordable. However, this is a capitalistic society, where the market dictates the cost, and I feel sorry for the young people at this point. Will the job be here for them or they have to migrate out of this country?

He still has not change his position regarding the direction of his foreign policy. He still believes in preemptive war ... strike them first before they strike you. What will he do with Iran, and they build up nuclear arsenals, strike them first? What will he do with Palestine, with the winning of the Hamas by the democratic process, strike them first? How about North Korea?

This is a good time to learn to make peace. There is indication that Osama bin Laden wants peace. There is indication that Hamas wants peace. However, if we keep insisting that they are 'evil', or they are 'terrorist', the cycle of violence continues.

However, there is one good advice the president has for Congress, but I don't know if they can follow through. Put their partisanship aside and solve the country's problem.