Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein Execution by Hanging

I just got back from vacation, and when I turned on the TV, I found out Saddam Hussein has been executed.

I feel sad by the news, yet what is displayed on TV is many people jumping and cheering for his death, however, I believe this is just a segment of Iraqis living in America. I can't quite understanding how people can jump for joy seeing another person being executed.

If Saddam Hussein is tried for his poor treatment of his people, George Bush and Cheney should be the next ones to be put on this trial. Congress can't do it, because they too make these poor decisions. It should serve as an example and warning for future leaders who make such poor decisions and America is not exempted. They too have made decisions that resulted in so many deaths ... and continue to make them.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2007)

I remember back in Vietnam, when Christmas comes around, I walk around the different houses and see different houses display their different versions of 'Christ Born in a Manger'. Although our family is primarily Buddhist, we too have our version of 'Christ Born in a Manger'. During Christmas, we too kneel next to this 'House of Manger' waiting for the time for Christ to be born. It wasn't a time for giving gifts as it is over here (perhaps because we didn't have much to give), but it's more to remember the birth of Christ, and we too celebrate the birth of Christ. To us, Christ is a Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is someone who is motivated by compassion and seek enlightenment not just for himself but for everyone.

Over here, the meaning of Christmas seems to lose its original meaning. It's a time we get to have two weeks off from work, and it's a time we scramble to shop for gifts for others.

If you believe in numerology at all, 2007 can be a good year. In the first millenium, leading by the '1', we mostly think about ourselves. In the second millenium, leading by the '2', we start to think about others. Many of us notice that despite our wealth, somehow we don't feel happy. In 2006, which made of 2 and 6 and total of 8. Two yearns for partnership, and six yearns for family connection, and eight is wealth. In 2006, many people come together, seeing the global community as their family, and they have the desire to spread their wealth/resource to the global community. If one is thinking of only of oneself, then wealth wouldn't be much of an issue, but in the second millenium, we start to think about others, and with the theme of money for the year, poverty becomes the issue for the year.

2007 is made of 2 and 7 and with total 9. Seven is a spiritual number, and 9 has the theme of brotherhood. According to 'God', our problem is a spiritual problem. Many of us will question the existence of 'God', why the world is like this ... and many will find their way home following their introspection, and see the world in a different light. May you find your way home, and experience the love, peace within so you can help emit that energy outside and transform the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 16, 2006

President Bush intend to increase troop level

I await for President Bush as to what decision he will make.

The midterm election resulted in a change from Republican control to Democratic control.

The Iraq Report from Baker-Hamilton came out, suggested several changes regarding the Iraq situation.

President Bush is still set in his ways. I suppose if he changes his ways, it would be an equivalent of admitting he made a mistake, and that is something he will not do.

President Bush wants to send more troops in, hoping that the increase in troop levels will help the situation over there ... or will it result in more deaths?

We just have to wait for 2008 and hope for a better leader to emerge.

In the mean time, for those who understand the power of the mind and faith, use that power to envision a better world for mankind. We are energy beings, and our world is reflection of our collective energy/ideas. We are also creative beings, and each of us has a role in shaping it. Stay on the positive. Stay with love, truth, and joy and be a light for others who has trouble living in this uncertain world.

First, heal yourself ... then heal the world. The power is already within yourself, waiting to be discovered, and applied.