Thursday, October 26, 2006

Glamour of Sentiment

The glamour of sentiment holds the good people of the world in thrall, and in a dense fog of emotional reactions. The race has reached a point wherein the men of good intention, of some real understanding and owning a measure of freedom from the love of gold (symbolic way of speaking of glamour of materiality) are turning their desire to their duty, their responsibilities, their effects upon others, and to their sentimental understanding of love. Love, for many people, for the majority indeed, is not really love, but a mixture of desire to love, and the desire to be loved, plus a willingness to do anything to show and evoke this sentiment, and consequently to be more comfortable in one's own interior life. The selfishness of the people who are desirous of being unselfish is great. So many contributing sentiments gather around the sentiment or desire to show those amiable and pleasant characteristics which will evoke a corresponding reciprocation towards the would-be lover or server who is still completely surrounded by the glamour of sentiment.

It is this pseudo-love, based primarily on a theory of love and service, which characterises so many human relationships such as those existing, for instance, between husband and wife, parents and their children. Glamoured by their sentiment for them and knowing little of the love of the soul, which is free itself and leaves others free also, they wander in a dense fog, often dragging with them the ones they desire to serve, in order to draw forth a responsive affection. Study the word 'affection', my brother, and see its true meaning. Affection is not love. It is that desire which we express through an exertion of an astral body, and this activity affects our contacts; it is not the spontaneous desirelessness of the soul which asks nothing for the separated self. This glamour of sentiment imprisons and bewilders all the nice people in the world, imposing upon them obligations which do not exist, and producing a glamour which must eventually dissipated by the pouring in of true and selfless love.

From Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Impersonal Love

It is not easy to love as do the Great Ones, with a pure love which requires nothing back; with an impersonal love that rejoices where there is response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing that when each has found his own way home, he will find that home to be the place at-one-ment.

When the heart is full of love and the head is full of wisdom, nothing then is ever done that can cause distress to others in the long run. The man who is fearless, wise and loving, can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing.

From Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Divine Love

Love is not making the object of love feel comfortable superficially. If I induced that reaction in you, I would not merit your confidence and trust, and in the long run, I would not thus hold your respect. Love is far-seeing wisdom which seeks to keep alive in the object of that love those sensitivities which guarantee safe progress. Love is, therefore, guarding, stimulation, and protective. But it is not a personal matter. It is a positive protection, but does not lead to a negative attitude of being cared for on the part of the one who is the recipient of the love and protection. It is the stimulating power of divine love which I seek to pour out upon you. This will lead you to protect yourself from glamour, illusion and personality reactions, also from error and prejudice in order to better serve both Humanity and the Hierarchy. Ponder on this.

From Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korea Nuclear Test

By now, most of the world is aware that North Korea has tested its nuclear capability.

Because testing nuclear weapon is perceived as a threat to the world, many countries have come together to condemn North Korea and want to impose sanctions on it.

I am not condoning North Korea's action, however, I think it is unwise for the world to 'gang' up on North Korea like this. Didn't North Korea want bilateral talk with the United States before? It might be persuaded to suspend its testing if the US lift its sanction. Wasn't that what it was asking? The United States wanted to play 'hardball', refusing bilateral talk.

Of course, this is in the past. The point is there was many opportunties that arise where 'peace' could come. With Afghanistan. With Osama bin Laden. With Iran. With Iraq. With North Korea. The United States closed the door on these windows, refusing to talk to these parties, and insists on playing 'tough'.

Isn't it time for the world to heal? What would happen if we lift sanctions for North Korea? What happen if we stop isolating them and pull them into the 'world's family'? By opening the door, we can check what is going on with them and avert potential threats. By opening the door, we can help their people, which I understand, is very poor. By opening the door, we can make peace and avert the crisis at hand. By opening the door, we can demonstrate our good will.

We can do the same thing with Iran. Make peace with them. Iran is also another country that will go nuclear. We suspect that they use their technology for nuclear weapons, although they deny it. Didn't we suspect that Saddam has WMD, although he denied it, and we went to war? I hope we learned that lesson. Don't let fear and hate blind us. Didn't Iran offer to open its door for inspection?

Friday, October 06, 2006

'Soft' on Terrorism

President Bush has accused the Democrats on 'soft' on terrorism. I can't speak for the Democrats. However, since I advocate Compassion for 'All' and that include 'terrorists', I thought I'll defend that position.

First, there was one - God. With one God, all was the same ... pretty boring. He then created opposites - yin yang ... more diversity, more interesting. With opposites, we can make choices. With opposites, we discover who we are.

We are living in this dichotomoty. All of us have this dichotomy within us. It was designed that way. We are different, yet we come from the same source, and therefore, we are the same.

Even the saints have this dark side within them, however, they have better mastery over it. What this also mean is the 'terrorists', the 'criminals' also have the light side within them, although, it might be hidden from them.

Being 'soft' on terrorism has an increased chance of bringing the light side out of them, while being 'hard' on terrorism has an increased chance of bringing the dark side out of them.

What has your experience been when someone is being 'hard' on you? Don't you get 'hard' back - it is an natural instinct to protect yourself. What has your experience been when someone is being 'soft' on you? Perhaps you are not as intimidated, and perhaps you develop more trust and more open, and start the healing process.

That is what we want. Bring the light out of people. We know there are two sides of them, and we strive to bring the light out of them. To do that, we have to bring the light out of us and serve as examples. It is the transformation that we are seeking, bring 'lost' souls back Home. It's not about condoning, it's about healing. We are given choices, and hopefully, we make the better choice.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Teaching the Young

I hear that New Orleans is experimenting with new ways of teaching.
It doesn't care who do the teaching as long as it gets results.
I wish it the best of luck.
Coming from another country, I know the level of education is slower in America for secondary school and below, especially in mathematics, and I felt sad for the students here. However, I cannot say that from the college level and above, where a lot of foreign students come here to study.

I have the opportunity to teach Vietnamese at a Buddhist temple to a group of young kids this year. Back then, when I just came to this country, I wasn't sure if we can come back to Vietnam again. If not, what good would knowing Vietnamese be? Learning English was much more important. Yet, now, I look at an increasing number of kids wanting to learn the mother language.

One good thing about the Vietnamese culture is they teach their kids to cherish and show respect for their teachers. Education is still a very important value for them. The community makes my job a lot easier. They go to class and they sit down and learn. In teaching Vietnamese, we also teach many of our 'wise' sayings from past ancestors. So, not only do they learn about Vietnamese, they also learn about our culture and our values. Aside from this, they get teaching from the Buddhist temple on being a good person and a good leader.

With all the chaos that currently exist in this world, I look at these kids and have hope for the future. Teach our young well. They are our future.