Tuesday, July 31, 2007

US Decision to sell arms to Saudi Arabia

Can it get any worse? The United States just decided to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. While it would criticizes anyone who sell arms to other countries, now as a country, it decides to sell arms to other countries. It sees the faults of others, but it doesn't see its own.

I guess the United States do not know how to bring peace. The strategy that comes closest to their mind is let others arm themselves so they can protect themselves. Its founding principle - its citizens have the right to bear arms.

And when violence erupted, it complains. The weapons that they have probably come from the United States. If you want peace, you do not give arms to others. They might use it to harm others, and they might use it to harm you one day. You want to limit weapons, not spreading weapons. Haven't we see enough what damages weapons can do to people? Why are we providing weapons for them to do more damages? The rationale behind it is probably - they do damages, but they do damages to the 'other', and that's okay, we want the 'other' to be damaged. We want to be rid of the 'other'. Probably the same sentiments the 'other' have for us.

We are one family, seeing our brothers and sisters getting upset and devising ways to kill one another.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bush the Leader

Bush might not be the best leader, but he sees himself as a leader. He gives orders and he doesn't like to take orders. It is unlikely that he will change his mind. He sees things in a certain way, and he has to lead that way.

If people doesn't like the way he leads or where he is leading the country to, then this country has the mechanism to get him out - through impeachment, and there are sufficient reasons to get him out.

However, who wants to take the leadership role after Bush? At least for now, for all the failures, they can blame on Bush. Who can see clearly the way out of the Iraq dilemma ... after the mess that Bush has made? Who can see clearly how they will resolve the 'terrorist' problem? Who can see clearly how they can regain trust from the population in this country and abroad? If there is a strong leader emerges who can show a way out of this dilemma, I don't think it would take a long time for Congress to go through the impeachment process.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN U-Tube Democratic Debate

I have observed the U-Tube Democratic Debate. It certainly is more interesting to watch than the regular Democratic Debate.

Of all the candidates, I think Barack Obama is the most inspiring. I would like to see Gore in there, but I think he's out because he doesn't have the blood for politics. Hillary may be experienced but she looks tired. If the country wants change, Barack Obama is probably the best candidate. He expressed some of the most healing rhetoric that the country needs to hear. This country needs the heal, and I think Barack Obama is the person. His rhetoric moves people. Edwards has some passion within him as well, but there's anger within him.

Obama's quick answer that he will talk to leaders of neighboring countries without preconditions versus Clinton's hesitancy to talk to other leaders because she is afraid of being used as propaganda speak volumes about the difference between them.

They are all good candidates however, offering their talents to serve the country.

I wait to see how Americans will decide.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Military and the Pacifists

It has been said that 'Al Qaeda' will fight until they dominate and subdue us and have us live under their will. That might be what they want to experience, but you can say ... not under my watch. Do we have to fight them military? For those who chose the military path, they too want to experience their power and success. So when you ask the 'troops', despite the risks, they might want this to continue, so they have the opportunity to experience the 'winning', 'success', and feel like they are 'saving' the people, country. But for those who are 'pacifists', how do they experience success? They want to see conflicts resolved peacefully, with minimal bloodshed, or at least give peace a chance, and war is a last resort.

It's difficult for 'pacifists' these days, because we have a president who chooses war, who lack the desire and doesn't see the possibility of resolving the conflicts peacefully, and worse, they experience the bloodshed for their fellow man everyday.

'Pacifists' are not necessarily spineless. They maybe the most powerful warriors, yet they see the fruitlessness of war, the pain it induces, and they want to minimize it. Standing next to them, you might not have a chance to win, yet they choose peace. They already know their power. They don't need to find it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth Concert Show

There have been many critics on the Live Earth Concert Show. Some of the critics pointed out that the show consumed energy. Some of the critics pointed out that rock star are not good models. Some of the critics pointed out that Al Gore life style consume lots of energy and he is hypocritical. Some people even said that Global Warming is the 'liberal' version of Amageddon.

Al Gore was in Congress trying to get the message out, but they fell on deaf ears. He created the movie 'the Inconvenient Truth' to get the message to the public. Now, he organized this show to get people worldwide to participate. He asked people to signup to make pledges. I myself have signed up to make my pledge. A pledge is like - I give you my word, in this case, on the Internet, to the whole wide world. Can he make a difference? I don't know. He certainly made a constructive contribution in organizing this show, bringing people together, and in making my pledge, I am making my contribution. Many people are conscious of the global warming crisis, and they are quietly making their lifestyle change to contribute to solving the problem, but solving the global warming crisis takes a worldwide effort, and Al Gore is trying to do that, and I applaud his effort.

Al Gore is often made fun of by the term 'Father of the Internet'. He might not have created the Internet, but through Congress, he pushed policies that helped make the Internet accessible to the regular public, which I think is another great thing that he did.

Is global warming real? We don't know. Weather fluctuates. But if there are risks that it may be real, then we should take preventive actions to help avert it. Who knows, this might be the opportunity for us to make a break through and learn how to control the weather. Advance societies have reached this level of mastery.