Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our mind influences our reality

What is reality? Our reality is dictated by how we perceived the world, and that is dictated by our mind, which has nothing to do with 'reality'.

Each person's 'reality' is different because of the different ways their mind perceive reality.

To change our reality, we change how our mind perceives things.

Our mind can trap us in a world full of terror and we feel helpless about it, but it is also powerful enough to change our reality if we know how to use its power.

How we learn that matter has a dual particle and wave nature. We too are made up of matter and therefore have this dual quality. Our particle nature makes us distinct from one another, and our wave nature connects us to one another, and therefore, we affect each other, whether we realize it or not. For humans, their mind pattern and emotional pattern reflects in their wave nature. Humans however, has the capability to change its wave nature by changing their mind and emotional pattern at will.

Those who have not realize their interconnection with one another can get angry and think it doesn't harm anyone. Those who have realize their interconnection with one another pay attention to their mind, and not let negativity arises, and if it arises, they know to extinguish it before it turns to flame and get out of control. They learn to fill their heart with love and compassion and let it radiates.

This is what each of us can do in this troubled time. Let the wave of love and compassion neutralize the wave of hatred and fear and brings hope to mankind.