Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nuclear Iran

I listened to the Democratic debate today. The question is - should we allow Iran to go nuclear. Ahmadinejad has made the decision to go nuclear, and he considers the matter is closed to discussion (from his speech at the UN). These candidates think that with 'diplomacy', perhaps they can persuade Ahmadinejad not to go nuclear. What happens if Ahmadinejad is stubborn and continue his nuclear program? Do we start another war? Ahmadinejad insists that his nuclear program is for peaceful purpose. Do we choose not to believe Ahmadinejad and go in and his destroy his nuclear arsenals and risk escalating another war, or do we suspend our judgment, give Ahmadinejad the benefit of the doubt, while monitoring him.

The Iraq war started because we lacked patience. We believe there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There are inspectors at that time to go into Iraq to find these weapons, but we lost our patience, call off the inspection, and started the war.

Perhaps it's because the United States has a history of using nuclear weapons (ie. in Hiroshima and Nagasaki), that it is afraid other countries would do it too. Other countries, despite having nuclear weapons, have not used it.

Maybe we should start getting used to the idea of a nuclear Iran. Many countries have nuclear technology. Do we have a war because Iran choose to go nuclear? Is it worth it?


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